Pure Kush Topanga BX2

This line is one I've been working for over three years. Very stable for potency and lucid type high as well as PK type flavors. However, there are a few different phenos that show up.

One is Earthy, Gassy, Rubbery and incensy with a faint hint of oldschool purple or a deeper take on the normally bright PK range...kinda hard to describe besides complex. Very potent pheno. Makes you forget you were even smoking. Brighter flavors start coming out halfway through a joint. The Gassiest pheno.

One is very PK dominate one the bright sweet side with an Earthy Kushy front. This pheno is probably the most bright high of all the phenos. This one gets me out of my chair and moving around, laughing and engaged. Flavor reminds me of bright roses and female purfume. I was calling this the Rose pheno.

The final pheno is basically the same as above but with a dirty lemon type of flavor added to the bright sweet end. It is very reminiscent of some OG Kush or TK. I've been calling this the TK pheno.

All three phenos change flavor progressively as the joint gets hotter and burns down further. I believe this is due to some terpines having a higher melting temp, but am not totally sure. PK does this a lot and it is a trait I really enjoy.

Line started with an Earthy Kushy male that reminded me of the KushCo OG cut. found in a locally bred OG kush x Chem and Strawberry cough. Absolutely no Strawberry Cough was noticed in any offspring. The male was very stable with no intersexual tendencies. This male pollinated a Triangle Kush. Those were grown out and a male chosen with very Kushy traits and very stable. That male pollinated the PK. A male was chosen from that generation that was half TK and half PK smelling. That male was mixed into the PK to make the first BX. A male from that generation was chosen that was more PK dominate and mixed into the PK for the BX2 generation we have here.

I run large numbers in my pheno searches (usually 100 to 300 plants in the Winter --254 so far this winter) and upwards of 500 in the summer. The males I chose are exceptional and stand out from the rest in terpines, structure, stability and disease resistance. I chose from later showing males which I find are more photosensitive and also seem to have more complex terpine profiles as well.

This is the line I grow for myself. I have yet to find these terpines or effects in other lines. The potency will surprise most people. I find it more potent than OG and I'm a big fan of OG. No nanners observed since the line began either. I believe this is due to my male selections being very stable and photosensitive. I just want to share this line with others so they can enjoy a potent, stable and unique line.

Ill put in 15 seeds per pack. U.S only

Pictures are from the line with last two Pictures of the PKT mother used.

A freebie with every order.

Varietal type: BX (back-crossed)
Gender: Reg.
Flowering: 70 - 80 days
Yield: Medium
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Indica cultivars: Pure Kush
Quantity available: 10