Cuban Black Haze BX1 (6 regular sex seeds per pack)

Cuban Black Haze BX (6 regular sex seeds per pack)

Minimum 80% germination guaranteed (where germination is legal)

Lineage: Cuban Black Haze clone only x Cuban Black Haze clone only x Citrus Park Haze

Flowering: 89-105 Days

Yield: 1.2-1.5lbs/Kw

*Pictures are of parent plants


When we finally received the Cuban Black Haze clone only back, hazes we’re still considered undesirable by the mass majority of the community. Since we hail from south Florida and we have had a love affair with these old school Florida sativas and hazes we immediately set out to create both genetic copies to back up our clone stock and for our team members and friends to be able to pop seeds that were genetic copies of these legendary strains. We’d already lost CBH decades ago and we weren’t willing to lose them again.

Our owner and master breeder spend years to selectively breed these seeds so no matter what we wouldn’t lose these beloved sativas ever again. Almost immediately our owner and master breeder engaged in crossing and back crossing (as well as incrossing) the Cuban Black Haze.

We have had a male of one of our most loved sativas that’s Haze dominant, to secure the CBH traits in seed form. We took our Cuban Black Haze and immediately crossed it to our Citrus Park Haze (‘70s Afghan Haze and Black Russian/Durban) male. From there we spent over a year pheno hunting these seeds to find the most absolute Cuban Blavk Haze male humanly possible. Once we finally narrowed down the perfect male, over a year after popping the very first CBH x CPH seeds we crossed it back to the Cuban Black Haze clone only.

From there we spent over a year, once again, popping these CBH x (CBH x CPH) seeds to make sure the resulting phenos were spot on with what we were looking for. An overwhelming majority of these seeds were minimum 65-70% Cuban Black Haze traits. We knew when we popped, vegged and flowered batch after batch after batch of the Cuban Black Haze BX seeds for well over a year, we’d hit exactly what we were looking for. This was by no means a small feat as our owner and master breeder put countless sleepless nights to selectively pollinate and pheno hunt this strain. When we finally realized each batch and each pheno was exactly what we were looking for we put those seeds in our vault to back up another one of our priceless clones.

By the end of summer 2020, shortly after we’d put these seeds in our vaults low and behold hazes, especially Florida old school hazes and even more specifically the Cuban “Miami” Black Haze because a genre and a strain that everyone decided they wanted again. So for the holidays at the end of 2020 and early 2021, we decided to release our Cuban Black Haze BX seeds. They sold out so quickly, we decided to make and release another batch. These are small batch made and extreme attention to detail so that everyone could essentially enjoy this absolutely fantastic strain.

She’s a strong spicy sandalwood, cedar, earthy incense with a light fuel background. She will get very tall, if allowed to. She needs to be staked and if you have the ceiling heights she’s actually a rather decent yield for a Haze. We’ve found her sweet spot to be 13-14 weeks flowering although you can let her go longer if you choose. She seems to lose more and more of her fuel back end the longer you flower her. She’s a mind melting, heart racing, energetic feeling that is quite intense so she’s not recommended for newer tokers nor less experienced gardeners. She can handle a decent feeding (depending on your ppm meter [some meters read higher some lower ppms] between 1200-1400ppm) although less expensive ppm meters seem to read lower ppms while more expensive meters seem to be 100-150ppm higher. She needs plenty of light, and does not like to compete with other plants for lights. Cleaning up the bottoms will allow for larger and denser flowers than if she’s not had her bottoms cleaned up.

Varietal type: BX (back-crossed)
Gender: Regular
Flowering: >80 days
Yield: Moderate
Height: Tall
Indoor / Outdoor:
Sativa cultivars: Haze
Quantity available: 6