Cloud Walker - Green House Seeds (5 Female Seeds)

Cloud Walker - Green House Seeds (5 Female Seeds)

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Green House Seeds is glad to present here Cloud Walker, a novelty for 2020. It is a hybrid originally from Mendocino in California. It combines a Landrace Sativa line with the most modern genetics.

Cloud Walker, Landrace strength with OG hybrids power
Cloud Walker has a genetic heritage as original as it is interesting. On the one hand Punta Roja, a legendary native breed selected by Green House after the Strain Hunters expedition to Colombia in 2013. It is a variety characterised by a very intense psychedelic effect, an exotic aroma and a generous resin production.

On the other hand a poly-hybrid that combines the best of made in the US. It is a cross between Mendo Breath x Purple Punch, a very resinous and terpene-rich line that shortens Punta Roja flowering period, as well as the plant's structure. It is a variety offering a more consistent and resinous harvest.

Green House Cloud Walker cultivation
Cloud Walker is a sativa dominant hybrid showing a great vegetative vigour. This plant can double and even triple its size when it goes through the flowering stage.

In order to control its height, which can reach 170-200cm outdoors, it is recommended a limited vegetative period, pruning methods, trellises and other techniques for the optimization of cultivation

In indoor cultivation it matures after about 63-70 days, with an average production compensated by the high harvest quality.

Cloud Walker harvest
It offers aromas and flavours that combine a tropical pineapple and vanilla aroma accompanied by earthy and caramel notes, resulting in a bouquet as delicious as it is original.

Cloud Walker produces an effect that initiates with a stimulating and almost psychedelic feeling inherited from Punta Roja Landrace line, which evolves to a more calm and relaxed state.

Green House Seeds Cloud Walker info:
Type: Feminised seed
Genetics: Punta Roja x (Mendo Breath x Purple Punch)
/ Sativa hybrid
Indoor flowering: 63-70 days
Outdoor harvest: end of October
Indoor yield: average
Outdoor yield: 600g per plant
Outdoor size: 170-200cm

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Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: High
Height: Tall
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 1