Pirate Sweat ( Bodhi )

If you follow the Instagram page, you saw this one from a few Knots away (pun intended) .

‘Ancient’ Afghani land race x 88G-13Hp

This extremely rare strain came from a small batch of tester seeds sent to only a few subscribers ( Similar to ethos’s ‘multi pass’ holders ) in The legendary Bodhis circle.
It happened to be released only a month or two before the first major lockdowns of Covid and mostly got lost or hoarded in the panick .

Now, after a year long search fueled by a personal and unexplainable obsession for this strain and anyone willing to part with it (for any sum of money)
I finally found the motherload of unopened seeds in original packaging and a owner willing to play ball.

This is the fruit of a full pack pheno hunt, exhibiting all the desired traits in the Pirate Sweat . Namely the almost unexplainable terp profile that seems at one moment seems to be a preposterous mix between orange lacroix and onions with fresh onion stock
And then at another sniff to be full bodied hippy sweat with a faint attempt to cover it up using some sort of faint sage-sandlewood concoction.

Tbh It’s what I imagine a Pirate King would smell like. Dignified, but still out at see for months on end with nothing but a salt water sponge bath in sight.

Bodhis 88G-13 hash plant crosses are known for putting out hash and resin. With the lowest recorded one (neville’s haze cross) yielding 3% rosin back by weight from fresh frozen buds.
And this one and all it’s aromas has recently caught the attention of up and coming names like
happycabbagefarms cannavoreselections and myers.creek

Don’t miss out on this one if your into strong s
Though it’s bound to be an exotic addition to any garden.

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: <60 days
Yield: Medium
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 2