"Grape Pupil" -Mass Medical Genetics-

"Grape Pupil" By Mass Medical Genetics

PuTang x Star Pupil

Originally purchased fem seeds, from a Breeders pack direct from "Mass Medical". We started, grew, and then flowered out all 6x "GP" fem seeds.
After they were all grown full term, flowered, and harvested it was obvious that #2 was our winner! So the pictures on this listing are from "GP#2".
She's our "Grape Pupil" WINNER mother stock plant!!!

So we now have a handful of extremely healthy
"Grape Pupil" mother plant stock to take our cuts from.


We also have around 30+ other strains that are available for cuts, and multiples of cuts.

Just ask for the "SCC Mothers List" (Google sheet link)

Buyers can feel free to mix-and-match with the other cuts available from our mother list. For one flat shipping rate no matter the quantity ordered for $25 flat

We can substitute several fresh unrooted cuts, rather than getting 1 fully rooted cut. Please specify if desired.

Also bulk orders are welcome and will be discounted... the more you order the cheaper they get per clone.

We ship and supply fully rooted and planted clones!

Much more than just a block or plug, with a few roots coming out the side or bottom... Our customer feedback shows that we take pride in what we do!

Supplying quality genetics at affordable prices direct to your doorstep -SCC

Everything SCC ships via air UPS

Ships day after payment clears

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***************From Mass Medical***************
Grape Pupil is a special backcross line off our Star Pupil, with a bit more sativa dominance! This variety gives a strong visual high with patterns becoming more vivid, a dreamy feel yet sharp mental clarity. Mind opening, dissolving of negative thought patterns and allowing pleasure and bliss to come through past normal mental blockages. Very therapeutic, mild psychedelic feel. Users report general mental wellbeing and refreshment. She retains most of the Pupil's traits with much increased vigor, added frost coverage, and holds the grape smell better, with less of the heavier spicy funk of the original Star Pupil line. These plants grow faster and stretch more, yielding better. The flowers are a medium purple lavender color throughout, super sticky and buried in white frosty trichomes, with large bract structure on most. Most common phenotype (75%) can be described as a beefed up Star Pupil, and has deep purple flowers. Lighter pink phenotypes (25%) are more reminiscent of the PuTang in terpenes and effect.

Flavor: Grape, sweet, fruity, some with gas or spice or citrus undertones.

Effect: Mentally uplifting, focused, calm, motivated and rejuvenated.

Flower Time: 8-9 weeks

Veg Time: Short

Yield: Medium-High

Height: Medium-Tall

31% , High terpene content!

Quantity available: 1-1,000

$100 per plant (1x)
$70 per plant on (2x)
$50 per plant on (4x)
$40 per plant on (8x)

Varietal type: BX (back-crossed)
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: 70 - 80 days
Yield: High
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 100