Cuban Black Haze IX breeder cut

Cuban Black Haze IX breeder cut

Lineage: (Cuban Black Haze clone only x [Cuban Black Haze clone only x Citrus Park Haze]) x (Cuban Black Haze clone only x [Cuban Black Haze clone only x Citrus Park Haze])

Flowering: 94-98 Days (the sweet spot)

Height: Tall

Stretch: 3x’s at 12/12

Yield: 1.2-1.7lbs/KW (Depending on training method and overall height/width; SCROG highly recommended even with high ceilings; yield will be lower if grown as smaller plants)

Final picture is for size demonstration of the clones to be received. Clones are all rooted, hardened off for 3-4 days, transplanted into solos (promix, coco and rockwool available) and veg’d for minimum 3-5 days. Solos tend to keep the height in check until the clones reach their new home.

This is our SSSCo. breeder keeper that’s an exact replica of the Cuban Black Haze clone only that has been the owner of the company’s pet project for a few years now. After receiving the legendary Cuban Black Haze clone only back, we set out to back the clone up in every way humanly imaginable. The owner, master breeder and master grower at SSSCo immediately set out to BX (back cross) the Cuban Black Haze clone only as soon as we were blessed by our Florida family with the clone back in our possession. The perfect mate Citrus Park Haze male was chosen and the BX1’s were made, a couple hundred pheno hunts later we had our keeper pheno female.

When we found the keeper female CBH BX1 we worked endlessly to make the BX2’s, to back the CBH clone only up in seed form. Then the owner and master breeder set out on a pet project to duplicate the CBH clone only, in an IX (in cross), so that we didn’t upset the friends from South Florida that gave us the CBH clone only back, by releasing the clone only.

This IX pheno is our breeder cut and is an identical replica of the Cuban Black Haze clone only with the only modification being ever so slightly more vigorous and adding more of that timeless and unctuous gassy fuel on the back end of the Cuban Black Haze clone only. We’ve been over 3 years crossing the CBH BX keeper female as well as pheno hunting the most absolutely CBH BX male, that were mated to create the Cuban Black Haze IX. We then pheno hunted a couple hundred Cuban Black Haze IX seeds to make an exact copy of the Cuban Black Haze clone only. Since we already have the CBH clone only it was just a matter of comparing the CBH IX female phenos to the CBH clone only until we found an exact replica. When we found that exact replica we tried to keep our excitement contained until we ran several runs of CBH clone only in the exact same recirculating drip system with CBH IX so they were both fed the same, both SCROG’d the same and then checked the plants throughout the entire growing process to make sure they acted the same, looked through same, same structure, same leaf patterns, same smells, same tastes and same effects. They’re absolutely identical with the only difference what so ever being the CBH IX grows slightly quicker (Almost unnoticeable) and has a little bit more of that gassy fuel back end that people love. She also gains that deep dark black coloration CBH is known for.

This Cuban Black Haze IX is the same sandalwood, cedar, pine, spice and that gassy fuel back end to the smell and flavor. This pheno being dubbed and kept as our breeder cut of CBH IX. She needs plenty of root space, she will get tall so to maximize the yield potential we highly suggest she be SCROG’d. Even letting her giant Christmas tree structure grow naturally tall, even with high ceilings, the bottom branches do seem to be less dense than the already somewhat light yielding plant. If she is SCROG’d pretty much all of the branches get the same light coverage and she isn’t a bad yield for a Haze. She will stretch significantly in flower, so being mindful she should be flowered at a proper size for your vertical and lateral space in your garden. Flowered at 2.5-3ft she will end somewhere in the 9ft range whether that’s lateral or vertical growth. A little defoliation is a good idea around week 2 of flower so all of the main branches get ample light penetration and cleaning up the popcorn on the bottoms is also advised.

This CBH IX has all of the mind melting, awake, functional, energized, uplifting and happy effects of the CBH clone only. At the 94th day flowering she is commercially viable although taking her to the 98th day seems to be fully swollen calyxs and the best yield and flavor. The black colorations have come through even in greenhouse trials in hot environments.

For anyone that’s been searching for a pure Cuban Black Haze to add to their collection or a pure Haze for all of the haze lovers, this is about as good as it gets. This will be a limited release so once the owner has released a certain number, he doesn’t seem to be willing to release any more.

Varietal type: BX (back-crossed)
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: >80 days
Yield: Medium
Height: Tall
Indoor / Outdoor:
Sativa cultivars: Haze
Quantity available: 16