Tampa Crippie IX (6 regular sex seeds per pack)

Tampa Crippie IX

Lineage: Tampa Crippie BX (Tampa Crippie clone only x [Tampa Crippie clone only x South Florida OG F2])x Tampa Crippie BX male (Tampa Crippie x [Tampa Crippie X South Florida OG F2])

Flowering: 66-69 Days

Stretch: 2x’s once 12/12 initiated

Smell: Gasoline soaked organic soil and moss, crisp kerosene and a strong rotted lime to lemon funk

Yield: 1.4-1.9lbs/KW

Potency: 28.6-30.1%

Just like the original Triangle Shine (Sunshine #4 MI cup winner x Reversed Triangle Kush) seeds we released after the Sept 2017 Michigan cup, we’re only releasing 25 packs.

*Pictures are of parentage


For quite a long time, we’ve kept the Florida clone onlys of yesteryear. With this cross, we were striving to lock in the Tampa Crippie traits, without having a male that was too overbearing.

Our owner and master breeder has spent the better of the last two decades perfecting “Crippie-Tampa cut” in seed form that would be a reliable platform of the proper and well known traits.

This is a cross of Tampa Crippie BX (Tampa Crip pheno) and we found, after many years, a Tampa Crippie BX male that didn’t impart the somewhat dominant traits from the South Florida OG F2 generation males. This Tampa Crippie BX male we spent years looking for, turned out to be a male that imparts quite little of the SoFLo OG. That’s a great thing. We immediately knew we needed to take this male and cross it to our Tampa Crippie BX breeder keeper female.

We crossed the two strains and we’ve popped well over 300 seeds over the last few years and this cross regularly pops out very Tampa Crippie phenos and the males are something special in their own right. The same structure, the same leaf pattern and veins, the same deep dark navy blue as well as such dark deep violet phenos they’re hard to distinguish whether they’re deep navy blue or black. Some lighter colored phenos do exist but the mass majority turn a deep navy blue hue.

The plants are best supported while growing, or grown rather small and flowered quickly in a SOG style. The plants produce a well structured, vigorous growth (from the SoFLo OG F2 male used to BX), that produces non foxtailing flowers that are exceptionally dense, deep rich navy blue covered in trichomes, heavy hitting flowers. She does like a proper medium/heavy feeding, proper N,Ca,Mg in flower. Being an IX, her vigor is improved, her yield is improved and she grows larger as well as faster than the clone only while keeping those traits intact.

Out of these seeds we’ve found nothing but Tampa Crippie heavy phenos that are sheer powerhouses producing more weight, in smaller confines that the clone only. She has a strong gasoline soaked earth and moss (akin to working in your vehicle on a breezy Florida day if you live in the swamps), that gets a crisp kerosene quickly followed by rotted, fermented lime and lemon.

Different phenos may finish a few days faster, while the somewhat slower strains do tend to have more gassy smell. Every pheno has been absolutely spectacular.

Varietal type: IBL (in-bred line)
Gender: Regular
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: Medium
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 25