Shiloh z th seeds / shiloh massive zkittles collab

Unopened original breeder pack in sealed box. Kept in fridge with dessicants.

Shiloh Z Seeds from T.H. Seeds x Massive Creations

Another fresh additional to our collection: Shiloh Z seeds brought to us from T.H. Seeds x Massive Creations. When it comes to the top tier strains from Massive Creations, it’s always a surprise if someone manages to improve upon them. Shiloh Z may well be just that; an dominant hybrid, this strain is suitable for growth both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, this super strain has a flowering time of approx. 60 days, a fast and high yielding grow perfect for growth in a number of locations. Shiloh Z is also capable of growing in all mediums including hydro, soil and coco. This innovation has also resulted in better structure and resistance than the original Z, perfect for a wide variety of climates and conditions.
This juiced up strain offers a medium to high yield of 450-550g per square metre with an average height of 100-130cm. The Shiloh Z seeds are the right choice and perfect plant for both new and experienced cultivators alike; further cited as an easy grow and suitable for organic and mineral feeding. Even before flowering, strong, sweet & spicy aromas are secreted, truly a joy to smell. Cultivators should expect a stunning and pretty plant for their efforts; forest green leaves complemented by beautifully light green, compact & dense buds brimming with frosty trichomes. Lastly, Shiloh Z produces a huge amount of resin throughout the plant; an ideal grow for hash makers, first timers and experienced cultivators alike.
Flowering time: Approx. 60 days.
Yield: Medium/High – 450-550g per square metre

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Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: High
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 1