Chili verde (rare darkheart cut)

Finally re releasing this rare gem!

And after growing her out.. I can’t recommend her highly enough! Absolutely vibrant growth with an indescribable terp finish.
After competing with people in lines for the last remaining chili verde cut, not once but three times I completely understand what the hype is about !
We won’t be releasing too many of these so don’t miss out!

“Careful, this strain is hot. Chili Verde combines the zest of Key Lime Pie with the musk of Lavender for a stony -leaning plant that grows big and spicy. This combination of colorful parent strains creates alluring lime to dark green and purple buds with an OG-like structure. A peppery aroma that makes for a smoke that actually tastes like chili peppers, in addition to a light sweetness with floral notes. This plant is suited for both indoor and outdoor environments, and produces a high yield with relatively low maintenance.“
- Darkheart

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: High
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 5