Rainbow belts 2.0 (RDR cut)

Rainbow Belts # 20 x Rainbow belts F1

This strain has been extremely elusive, as anyone who’s tried to get a hold of it knows. With all seed vendors being sold out within hours of the drop (still sold out) and the resulting plants being guarded like some secret treasure.
But now, after a long hunt and a lot of networking we are pleased to be one of the first vendors to offer this strain in clone form!
Not only that but we are the only vendor to provide it for under 1000$ (significantly under!)
Why? If you’ve worked with us before you know we do it all for the community! With our goal being the elimination of all “mids” by getting the highest quality genetics in the hands of the growers at an affordable price.
Definitely don’t miss out on this one folks!

“The new version of the immensely popular original feminized Rainbow Belts (Zkittles x Moonbow #75 (Female)).

We took a Rainbow Belts male (from the m/f line we made side by side with the fems) and hit it to the selected Rainbow Belts #20 cutting. The “breeder cut” I gave out to the community that’s steady been making waves and filling gardens around the world. Known for it’s Supreme flavor and water hash/rosin production.

A shorter less stretchy variety that needs a little extra veg time. You’re rewarded with a very quick flower time of 8 weeks where the flavor is even better when harvested a little early vs late. It’s all worth it when it produces hand grenade sized buds of very respectable yields and density. Potpourri Fizzy Candy Terps with a Kushy funk back end. It tastes like candy all the way through to the Roach. 2nd takes and disbelief of the flavor are common in the uninitiated. Beautiful plants that flush with fall colors on all the fan leaves. There are also some excellent water hash production contenders to be had. A rarity in varietals with this much terpene content.”
- Archive

Varietal type: BX (back-crossed)
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: <60 days
Yield: High
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 10