Tampa Crippie S3 (6 feminized seeds per pack)

Tampa Crippie S3 “Selfed” (6 Feminized seeds per pack)

After two decades of constantly being asked, we finally decided to make an entirely stable, selfed, S3 (3 generations of selfing) we’re releasing the one and only Tampa Crippie (Crippy) in feminized seed form.

We have always made our own in house feminizes seeds but only in the last year or two have started releasing feminized seeds.

We’re now releasing our signature Tampa circle cut of Florida Crippie (Crippy). We originally changed the spelling to “Crippie” so people knew it came from us. Then when others also started changing the spelling, we added “Tampa” to declare this is the Tampa Florida circles cut.

After three generations, we have made an absolute, true breeding, zero hermie, as close to an exact replica of the Tampa Florida cut of Crippie (Crippy) as humanly possible. After almost 20 years of people asking for feminized seeds, starting with our friends and partners, we’re releasing these seeds to the entire growing community. So without further adieu.... here are our Tampa Crippie (Crippy) S3 feminized, true breeding, zero hermie seed packs.

Cross verified by several growers including multiple cup winners

Flowering: 68-70 Days

Stretch: 2-2.5x's

Deep dark green/Navy blue hue

**the latter pictures are from Pbud Mike that ran our Tampa cut

Dense buds of small pine cones/larger than golf ball nugs

Flavor/Smell: Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Musty Mossy pine old School OG

This is the only and only, Florida Crippie (Crippy). We let loose 24 cuts of this strain starting in 2012. The feedback we got back was phenomenal to say the least, and was pretty much expected. This is the Tampa Florida cut of the legendary Crippie (Crippy). This cut predates the Triangle Kush and predates the west coast OG's. The Adam Dunn show "History of OG Kush" in its early days of 2014 had a few callers who've smoked and grown the real Florida Crippie (Crippy) hailing about how our cuts are the real deal. Along with the very select few we passed our cut off to, we also passed our cut to a couple cup winners. From there those posed on their IG accounts that our cut is exactly what they remember from their trips to south Florida during the 90's. Although many were skeptical they all ended up posting that our cut was indeed exactly what they remember.

This strain not only performs much like Triangle Kush and hitting well over 30% in gardens that have never previously run her. In well dialed in gardens she was consistently hitting over 30%. This plant get her signature deep dark green and more times than not (every time) getting her signature navy blue hue. She reeks of a predominantly gasoline, jet fuel, pine and a very earthy almost organic soil tone to her. There is absolutely no lemon thai in the Florida "OG's", so there is no lemon present in the smell or flavor.

The buds are a thick, very dense, trichome laden flowers and turn that quintessential navy blue hue in flowering due to the Pakistani "blue" landrace on the male side. This plant will stretch significantly in flower so planning on a 2.5x's stretch in flower is a good rule of thumb. These resulting flowers have a very thick, sticky coating of resin glands. The buds will be small pine cone shaped to very large golf ball style flowers. She has flowers that seem to just drip in resin. She does very well if shes staked or SCROG'd, to help support the mass and density of the finished flowers.

This strain may very well be a legend, but she also performs on a level that very few "modern" strains can compete with. While shes an older clone only strain, she has a very good resistance to mold and mildew although checking to make sure theres no excess humidity towards the end of flowering is a good idea. She may take just slightly longer in veg than the modern strains but shes a powerhouse when it comes to flavor and raw potency. The sweet spot for harvest that we prefer is the 69 day mark.

Varietal type: Self-pollinated
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: Medium
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 16