R2 Northern Lights #2

R2 NL2 : 12 Seeds / Pack
~ Freshly Cured 2021 Reproduction of stock straight from NB
Selected outdoors at 45N latitude for pest/pathogen resistance, vigor, and potency.
An almost legendary northern outdoor IBL. Good mold resistance, relatively early harvests, excellent trichs and flavors with much better potency than most of the northern outdoor IBL's I've run up here over the years. A good choice for making early outdoor hybrids. Easy & Rewarding IBL. There's even some bleeder phenos to be found, and yes those seeds are in this OP mix as well.

Accepting trades Only before seeds enter the market on black friday

Seeds -
Anything mold proof (those northern gems), outdoor ibl's, cold region landraces, most heirlooms & old farm lines.
Specifically: Afkansastan crosses, PNW HP crosses, Australian Outback Sativa and crosses of it from snowhigh, Old Vietnam Black (that makes you dizzy, not the recent ones lacking color and frost), Kashmir lines, Burmese lines,
Cuts -
I've always wanted to try these, figured why not mention them - Afkansastan (probably extinct), BC Apricot Kush, PNW HP, VA Beach Afghani,

+Free bonus beans with every trade :

Cider Switchel = (Purple Punch x [Afkansastan x X18]) Cider Pheno x R2 NL2 Apple Pheno Male ... Just because they were so impressive outdoors, are very Yummy, and I usually dislike modern hype-cut crosses. Obviously insane frost, but a Good crowd pleasing buzz (not as empty as other punch crosses i've tried) on most, with some really potent bangers hiding in there too. Or;
Neon Grill = ([TK x NL5Haze] x SawToothSkunk]) x R2 NL2 ... freakshow aint got nothin on SawToothSkunk, this cross from blu_channel is Insanely good. So here's an early non-auto genepool with Big Vigor & Potency - for all you northern guerillas to F2 and get those fern leaf IBL's started :)

Varietal type: IBL (in-bred line)
Gender: Regular
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: Medium
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Indica cultivars: Northern Lights
Quantity available: 9