Golden Dragon - SnowHigh Seeds (30 Regular Seeds)

Golden Dragon (Khmer Gold Cambodian x Chiang Mai Northern Thai) - SnowHigh Seeds (30 Regular Seeds)

Golden Dragon is a Pure landrace South East Asian hybrid with 2 heirloom strains from the Golden Triangle. The female I used was a long flowering jungle variety with branching and bud sites all over the place. The floral clusters form loose running delicate floral bracts with small resin glands dancing on the colitas. The Khmer Gold Cambodian is a sensual line with absolutely no paranoia. This Cambodian is a perception magnifier, vision gets sharper and sparkly the “High” is in the head your body is not sleepy and lethargic. Colors are brighter and smoking her is reminiscent of carrot, like blowing out vapor or steam with no choking or spasms with inhaling or exhaling her smoke. Smoking this variety and others like her one must gauge the “Threshold” to where the best effects from the strain manifest in one’s mind. Smoking a fat joint to oneself is easy and can be done quickly but smoking a few hits between friends while enjoying other varieties will be lost on the novice or habitual smoker expecting a fast hitting, narcotic hammer to the head. Since the Khmer Gold Cambodian is best enjoyed at parties with likeminded friends who try to dissect the universe and receive answers while partaking in this Holy Smoke I thought it wise to turn the accelerator up and blast her with the trippy and soaring energy of the Highland Thai. The Chiang Mai Northern Highland Thai male was a stud, extreme branching and running sepals which formed tight bunches that resembled female floral clusters.

100% Pure Tropical Sativa Hybrid
Stretch: 2 to 3 X
Yield: Light to medium, small but plentiful floral clusters
Sex: Regular
Flower Time: 18-24 weeks+, Outdoors: Northern Hemisphere, December to January
Odor Description: Sweet floral, Lemon Grass, Exotic tea and tropical honey
Plant height: Tall, wiry, bushy
Pure Tropical Heirloom South East Asian Landrace Hybrid

Varietal type: Landrace
Gender: Regular
Flowering: >80 days
Yield: Moderate
Height: Tall
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 1