Terp Extractor

New England Local pickup only.

This is a Custom made Extractor manufactured by Terp Extractor. I paid over $7000.00 for the extractor without the vacuum oven. The Vacuum oven with the 7 cfm vacuum pump was another $2500.00. I also have 2 additional vacuum pumps that are necessary to run this system. The shatter platter is jacketed which allows heated water to be pumped through it to aid in the evaporation process. The collector is extended with the lid that has 2 viewing windows. This way a flashlight can light up the chamber while looking in the other viewer. I also have some additional add ons. There are multiple tubes to fill with product. (3) of them have chambers for dry ice. I have a desiccant dryer, and gas conversion coil. The vacuum oven is the 1.9 cu ft Across International. I'll give proper instruction to the purchaser, and I'll be available if there are any other questions before using it. The extractor, all add ons(Including (3) Eco Green industry tanks that can be used as a deposit when ordering fresh solvent), and the vacuum oven are all included for the $7000.00

When picking up, the Vacuum oven is a 2 person lift. Approx weight 140 lbs.

Included in this purchase is a full 20lb recovery tank of a 3 solvent blend. Butane, Iso Butane, and Propane.

Total cost of everything new was over $11,000.00

Condition: Used
Drying racks
Harvesting gear
Measuring & scales