Bundle Deal- Tiki, Solfire, Bulletproof and more!

This is our excess sale. …. We are constantly popping packs, and pheno hunting. Buying so many packs from different breeders we can’t possibly grow them all in our lifetime (plant count limits are relatively low here). These packs are all purchased in the last 18 months- most in the past 6mo-1yr. Dry, dark and cold stored. All unopened, sealed by breeder. (Except Solfire’s Why u Gelly S1. I opened the pack to read the raffle ticket but never used or opened the seed vial itself. It will be included as part of the freebies in the pack)


X1- 10pk (reg)Tiki Madman “sticky buns x jealousy pancakes”
X1-12pk (reg) Envy Genetics “Gorilla Pops” (Gorilla Glue#4 x Blowpops)
X1- 10pk (reg) Bulletproof Genetics “clover shake” (ice cream cake x shamrock cake)
X1- 10pk (reg) Bulletproof Genetics “limo driver” (Sundae Driver x Prom Queen)
X1- 16pk (reg) Twenty20 Mendocino “5G” (GMO x The Whip)
X1- 6pk (fem) Twenty20 Mendocino “Girl Crush” (Biscotti x Bad girl)
X1- 10pk (reg) Solfire Gardens “majic Don Juan” ( don mega x papaya god)
X1- 5pk (reg) diamond rock genetics “triple cherries” ( black cherry punch x cherry punch)

FREEBIES!!!! X2 (reg) Bred By 42 “code black OG”
FREEBIES!!!! X10 (reg) Bred By 42 “London Bridge F3”
FREEBIES!!!! X3 (fem) Solfire Gardens “why u gelly s1” (don mega x gelato x #33 selfed) (unsealed for raffle ticket. Seeds untouched)
FREEBIES!!!!x4 (fem) Twenty20 Mendocino “hindsight” (Wook Stomper x The Whip)

This bundle will only be sent Next Day Priority Express. So you pay $500 total for all these incl. shipping.
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Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Regular
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: High
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 1