Afghaniberry - (Cherry West Bx x Blueberry)

Strainly description - Cherry West Bx x Blueberry

The quicky and dirty: super flavorful, terped out, large yielding, pretty, colorful, chunky nugs, that are easy to trim, also fun to smoke and vape! Good for indoor and out.

Lineage : Cherry West Bx x Blueberry

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This cross merges 2 very worked fruity lines from very different genetic backgrounds and terpene profiles.

This cross came out so unique! Expect an amazing array of aromas and taste. Layered fruit and berry's. Some blueberry, lime, and cherry. She is already in the pipeline for a few more projects.

The leaf serrations are incredibly thin and sharp similar to equatorial sativas. They appear as if they could cut.

This cross gives a boost of vigor to the offspring and grows more quickly than either parent. The DJ Short blueberry crossed with Cherry west bx seemed to have unlocked some hidden vigor. The classic Blue terps add an amazing dimension to the sweet berry cherry pie and lime terps.

Cherry west bx is a cherry pie variety with some lime bred into the terp profile. Bred with cherry limeade she imparts color and flavor to the cross. Cherry west bx is shorter and bushy similar in stature to Blueberry.

Done in about 8-9 weeks, the flowers are bulbous and chunky. They display many colors from purples, reds, blues, yellows, and oranges. She has a structure similar to blueberry, with larger yields, and is good for scrog or multi top training. Nice heavy yielder.

This terp-tastic cross is tested indoors and outdoors and good for a nice evening out or good times with friends.

Medicinal users will enjoy the body pain relief, anti anxiety, and anti asthmatic propertes of her sweet taste.

This one of those that is so smooth the smoke vapor allows a very large hit off a joint, vape, dab, or bong; were it not for the amazing taste and experience you would never know it wasn't air! So smooooth!

In addition to the aroma, rec users will love the great bag appeal and colors of the dried flower. The cured buds make the thud sound when you drop em, and is very low leaf and an easy trimmer.

Expect long lasting, waves of relaxtion that roll thru your being! Each hit opens your lungs allowing you to take a bigger hit the next round!

She is a little bit of a creeper and will take a few moments to fully feel her impact, so go slow.

Growing her is like cutting butter with a hot knife. Super easy! For anybody who has had some issue with cherry pie or blueberry either in terms of intrasex or finickyness you will find these to be a walk in the park.

They are incredibly resilient. No intersex traits showed during testing. Very hardy plants. These have been tested indoor and outdoor.

If you have ever had trouble growing either blueberry or cherry pie and want to give it another shot - do not miss out on these very limited!

These wonderful girls were just too good to keep to myself - I just had to share!

Limited quantities!

××× growers note ×××
For any Cherry Pie variety, I is always recommend to monitor soil moisture levels in the 1st 2 weeks of flower and weeks 4-6 of flower. It is important to keep the medium moist, but not overly wet. This measure is more preventative but for cherry pie varieties a dry medium may trigger stress.

Pack is 10 regular seeds.
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Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Regular
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: High
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 10