Allstar 2022 - (Cherry West Bx x The Cube)

allstar 2022 cherry west bx x the cube

These are a new cross with amazing cherry lime soda terps using Cherry West Bx and the dizzying Cube, we call this Allstar 2022.

Full of varying flavors from cherry soda to Cherry, lime, soda...

Finding a great cherry, lime, and soda terp male and female from the Cherry West Bx (Cherry West Bx x (Cherry Limeade x Cherry West Bx)). The male and female I began working with were very similar in stature and had a matching aroma pofile that paired well together.

At the same time, I was hunting The Cube lines (Starfighter Version) The Cube does a great job of bringing the frost to any project. The Cube has great big, chunky, and super greasy flowers. She puts the frost on any and everything.

There really was no other name that was appropriate. It became clear I could only call this project : Allstar 2022 - Cherry West Bx x The Cube. These to have a great taste that does not fade even over longer storage times.

The experience is really a head to toe bath in cannabanoids. These will send tingles down your nerves. The first few hits will hit you hard and fast, before the exhale! Be careful tho - The taste is so amazing you won't be able to stop!

Terp profiles range from cherry to cherry lime soda. The plants are very similar in taste, aroma, and stature for a 1st generation cross. This cross expresses more vigor than both parental lines. She grows quickly and clones very easily. She is easy to grow, not very finicky, and very tolerant.

Recreational users will love every part of these. From the great sog stature indoor with lower growth that is super easy to clone to the amazing bush that develops in larger spaces and yields crazy outdoor showing a resistance to outdoor pest issues.

Medicinal users will appreciate the pain relief. These girls provide great nerve, joint, and tendon pain aches relief. The vapor is so smooth. Folks with respiratory issues like asthma, copd, or other lung sensitivities will appreciate how smooth these flowers go down when you vape or smoke.

Breeders will appreciate the whole package, from the worked lines of the parents, and their consistent progeny; to the amazing terp profiles.

××× growers note ×××
For any Cherry variety, I always recommend to monitor soil moisture levels in the 1st 2 weeks of flower and weeks 4-6 of flower. It is important to keep the medium moist, but not overly wet. This measure is more preventative but for cherry pie varieties a dry medium may trigger stress.

Flowers about 9 weeks.

These are 15 regular seeds packs.

May the growth be with you!

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Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Regular
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: High
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 20