Dark Chocolate - Grand Chocolate x Sweet Punch Breath

Breeder: Socal Seed Vault- SSV Crew

Strain: Dark Chocolate

*** 10 Seeds per pack for only $35.00 ***

Genetics: Grand Chocolate (Triple Ott Organics) x Sweet Punch Breath (High School Sweetheart F2 x Purple Punch)

*** The HSSB F2 x Purple Punch is one of my favorite strains to run. I used a huge yielding HSSB F2 dom with amazing Purple colors throughout. ***


The Grand Chocolate is an amazing fast flowering mix of several Chocolate Thai strains. Grand Chocolate (Created by Triple Ott Organics) was made from Hazeman’s Coco Puff and Dutch Flowers Chocolate Trip. The male was a wonderful fast flowering beast that smelled very sweet, almost like whip cream. His stems were thick, oozing resin and was super sticky to the touch.

My biggest complaint about Purple Punch was it just wasn’t strong enough. The cross with the High School Sweetheart Breath F2 solved that problem. The HSSB F2 added a heavy stone and a larger bud structure then pure Purple Punch. I used a wonderful purple pheno that was almost white with Trichomes. Sweet grape punch terps with a slight Mendo Breath funkyness. I know you will love the Chocolate Thai alongside with the Sweet Punch Breath. This strain will be great for PTSD, Pain, Appetite Suppression and Stress.

Grown by Sharky! Amazing job! Killed it!

Flowering time – 8 to 9 weeks

65 % / 35 % Hybrid

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Thanks everyone! SSV Crew

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Regular
Flowering: <60 days
Yield: Medium
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 2