RS-11 Doja Pak Breeder Cut 100% Autjentic Cut Released By Doja

**RS11 (aka Rainbow Sherbert #11) OZK x Pink Guava x (Black Sherb) Doja Pak Cut*

Lineage: (OZ Kush X Pink Guava) x (Black Sherb)
Breeder: DOJA PAK
Flower Time: 70 days
Terps: Pine Sol gas with a very pronounced fermented guava. Such incredible flavor!!!
RS #11 is known for having an intense exploding terp profile and flavor
Structure: Medium Height plant super frosty even at a young age! Dense Spears
**Height medium in height (great for tent grows & indoor traps.*

1000% Authentic cut released at Erb & Arbor on April 9th 2022 by Doja Pak through Seed Junky's nursery. I had to wait in line for hours and spend $1000 to acquire this beauty and boy was it worth it!

RS-11 is arguably one of the best new strains released within the last year. Bred by DEO Farms, hunted & selected by Wizard Trees RS-11 is quickly becoming a staple in the industry. A foundational strain which many many more new strains will be born out of... similar to how gelato or wedding cake was in the past. Which explains why this strain was officially released to the public

Nugs are dense with very distinct bright orange hairs. So unique she doesn't even need a label lol! If yours does not have very. distinct orange hairs, she's not real! Be careful who you buy off of! Because this strain was legitimately released, a lot of people are claiming to have it. Problem is they got it off someone who got it off someone who probably doesn't even know it was released only 1 time for 1 day at 1 location!

If terps are what is most important to you, Rs11, Studio 54, & Zoap HAVE to be in your menu! Hundreds of seeds were hunted to find those 3 strains through multi generational hunts

For those that don't know, Pink Guava was a pheno found by Doja through a massive hunt of OZK and was selected for its remarkable terp profile and flavor. It's said by Doja to have spot on Guava kerns Nectar nose and flavor. This Rainbow Sherbet line has also created strains like Studio 54 and Zoap. MANY more to come!

RS-11 has recently been tested NEGATIVE for HLVd
Please feel free to ask and I will happily provide a copy of the lab test results

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Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: High
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 30