Sugar Lips

Sugar Lips is a regular sex cross where we used our proven Banana Og bx1 stud(based off Orgnkids cut) to hit Cannarado’s Sundae Driver. This cross was one of the best in our banana project, the parents mixed very well together. Growers reported back finding straight Banana Og phenos, Sundae Driver phenos, and the best-mixed phenos of the two. Most of the keepers, or preferred phenos, have large flowers with a loud sweet candy musk. This strain has heavy yields, extra trichomes, and is easy to train. Some are taller and have a little more stretch than other phenos, most have excellent branching and are easy to clone.
11 Regular Seeds Sealed

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Regular
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 1