Serial Sunshine #4 (verified cup winning parentage)

Serial Sunshine (Company keeper cut)

Lineage: Sunshine #4 Michigan cup winning cut (verified) x Andrew’s OG [Tampa Crippie x Triangle Kush BX1]

Flowering: 67-70 Days

Height: Medium-Tall

Stretch: 2x’s once 12/12 initiated

Yield: 1.7-2lbs per Kw

Smell/Flavor: Sour race fuel, wet moss, strong lime with a refined clean hash tone


With this strain, it really speaks for itself. It’s the Michigan multiple cup winning Sunshine #4 verified clone crossed to our Triangle Kush heavy (Tampa Crippie x Original Triangle Kush BX1) male. The males flowers take the formation of what actually look to be female flowers at a glance. Tight flower formations that are passed down through the cup winning Sunshine #4. The fuel smell and flavor from this cross is unlike any of our other crosses except maybe for Triangle Shine. It’s definitely a strong fuel but it’s this very distinct fuel that can only be described as the 5 gallon cans of race fuel for race cars. Above 105 octane. It’s got this sharp edge to it, on top of this wet live sphagnum moss background, plenty of fresh lime and citrus zest and finishes off almost like a good rosin hashy tone.

With all of our strains we spend years selectively breeding and then pheno hunting through the generations, slowly narrowing down our top pics. This is the girl we ended up deciding as a whole, was the keeper. She’s so perfect in the way she’s balanced, which was done by design.

This plant flowers per the usual as the parentage is similar in flowering. She will stretch in flower two or so times so keep that in mind if height is a restriction. She branches very nicely, she both grows laterally and vertically in proportion. The gaps fill in fully, the calyxs swell to the point where you think they’re about to burst. The yield is exceptional for a Kush heavy variety, with the three parents that always test over 30% Delta 9 it’s really a well balanced top tier strain. The resin content is very much so above average. She’s utterly dripping in trichomes by day 67. This is one we do like to take all the way to 69 days because the amount of swell the calyxs gain and the oozing trichome production really is worth the extra couple days.

This is a strain that has potency that can only be described as a mind wreck. She removes you from reality, creates a great sense of well being and overall happiness, relaxes all of your muscles in your body but allows your mind to focus or let go. She seems to allow your mind to work efficiently, but if all you want to do is relax and forget about everything cherishing the sense of well being, you’re not constrained. She lets your mind go wherever you want your mind to be. No constriction of knock out, nor of crazy anxiety. This strain lets you choose your own pace. Granted, you will be relaxed and happy in giddy mood so strenuous labor isn’t advised. Intellectual insight is opened. She’s that wonderful balance of bliss and cognitive function.

We have debated for a few years whether to release this strain as she’s got pedigree that’s a breeders dream. It only seemed right to let others enjoy this beauty.

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: High
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 9