I have a passion for cultivation. I've been growing for well over 10 years and grow strictly high-end boutique strains.. I bought my first 1000w hps lamp in 03' and that started it all. I have a vast collection of seeds and cuts.

Most of my clones listed were grown and phenohunted from seeds by me. The clones that I sell are the ones I run in my garden year round. All clones are HpLVd free, pest free, and p/m free. I will be providing HpLVd testing results in upcoming weeks.

I truly take pride in the genetics I grow and run my boutique grow strictly focusing on quality. Terps, potency and asthetics have to all be high grade for a pheno of clone to be considered a keeper.
Check out some of my recent grows on IG dividedsky_

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Great part of the community. We actually met up in person. Was great conversation and definitely has a passion for the plant. Trustworthy and straightforward. Can catch them on RIU forums chatting as well. Look forward to hearing from you about the grow!

Auntie Jane's Nursery sobre el anuncio Apple Fritter Lumpy's Breeder Cut 29 días atrás.

Smooth as butter, solid communications. I would highly recommend Dividedsky. Good luck and good growing!

Fireside sobre el anuncio Raw Genetics - Lemon Cherry Pie hace 3 meses.

Incredible asset to Strainly, great seller and fast shipping. Seeds in excellent condition as promised

thepiks sobre el anuncio Thugpug Puta Breath hace 5 meses.