Conrad Poohs Collectables

Conrad Poohs Collectables

I am a legal medical grower located in Canada. I have over 20 years of growing and breeding experience and have been a member of several well known forums for almost as long.
I will be listing my own creations as well as those of other commercial and private breeders.

All prices in US dollars, unless otherwise specified.

Some listings will be limited to Canadian sales only and will be listed in CAD dollars and include tracked shipping.

Paiement et expédition: E-transfer (Canada only), Bitcoin or Cash. Tracked shipping included in prices.

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Got my seeds thanks

JustAnotherDude à propos de l'annonce FastBuds Auto Rhino Ryder il y a 1 ans.

Great deal ,great service all around.

Firie_genetics à propos de l'annonce FastBuds Auto Crystal Meth il y a 1 ans.

Very fast shipping. Great tour to deal with

Jose Carlos à propos de l'annonce FastBuds Auto Blackberry il y a 1 ans.
Conrad Poohs Collectables