Here at DenGen we are committed to bringing you the dankest, most sought after genetics.
Operating within the mecca of cannabis known as Denver, we bring a combined 30 years of growing and breeding experience to the table. We love to collaborate and share our work, so please enquire if you have a collab idea.

Bringing nostalgia strains back and crossing them with more modern hybrids. We are currently doing landrace conservation breeding work, with a focus on Thai, Mexican, Lolab Valley, and African strains.
legal medical grower, breeder, seed collector. Love exotic terp profiles and rare genetics. We believe that great genetics should be shared, not hoarded.

Payment and shipping: PayPal gift, venmo, cash app. Seeds: First class tracked usa $5 Can $10

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It was yet another good deal, and fast shipping!

Wondersaucer about listing Thug pug - Meat Madness 6 hours ago.

Sent out and receive in just a few days. Popped 2 of the Zkittlez bx4 and 2 of the SD bx4 with 100% germ rate and all have broke soil and growin good.

Robert about listing ETHOS - Zkittlez Bx4 5 REGULAR SEEDS 3 days ago.

Everything smooth as possible thank you