Strain Collectors

Strain Collectors

We are are longtime licensed medical growers in California and collectors of elite and rare genetics.
Rotating menu of strains constantly updated.
(Clones now shipped in CloneShipper brand shipping units) securely packed for smooth fast overnight delivery.
Specific info on each strain as far as flowering time, growth ect.
Available for any help or questions pertaining to our clones.

*** Freebie included with order so 2 Clones total
*** Overnight Delivery Included in Price

Current Stable of Strains:

Tahoe OG (real heirloom OG clone only)
El Chapo OG (real heirloom OG clone only)
Candyland (Bay Platinum Cookies X GrandDaddy Purple) from the original packs released
Gorilla Glue #4 (Sour Dubb X Chemsis X Chocolate Diesel)
Zookies (09 Animal Cookies X Gorilla Glue#4)
Sundae Driver(Fruity Pebbles OG X Grape Pie)
Gushers(TK X Gelato 41)
Pre-98 Bubba Kush( clone only)
Octane Mint Sorbet(Sunset Octane X Wedding CakeF1)
Tropicana Cookies(Tangie X GSC) MTN cut
Dosido #18
Cake Crasher #11(Wedding Cake X Wedding Crash)
Gelato #45
Banana Og
East Coast Sour Diesel
G-Walk (Grease Monkey X TK aka Florida Og)- from Exotic Genetix seeds
Sunset Cookies (Sunset Sherbert X Forum Cookies)

NEW Strains -
Forbidden Fruit
Fatso ( Phinest Cut)
Dessert Runtz (Cookies & Cream X Runtz)
Runtz S1 from Exotic Genetix
Funky Charms (Rainbow Chip X Grease Monkey)
Sundae Driver)
Kush Mintz (Rabid Hippy Cut)
Durban Margy(Durban Poison X Frozen Margy)

License #: A42368
Payment and shipping: Venmo or Cash App

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2 failed attempts at sending cuts due to really poor packaging (second got intercepted because it was leaking) and then ghosted. So yeah, I definitely wouldn’t.

TheVictoryGarden about listing Dosido #18 1 years ago.

VERY pleased with this order. i couldn't have asked for a better transaction and interaction with the seller. everything was just superb. i really can't thank the seller enough. buy with extreme confidence!

Mike B about listing Gushers 1 years ago.

Great experience start to finish. They made it all the way to the east coast in perfect condition. The seller is great and has my business. :)

Alli about listing Gorilla Glue #4 1 years ago.
Strain Collectors