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I've been growing and cultivating seeds for over 40 years but got out of it in the late 80's. With legalization in my state I decided to jump back in and was shocked at the price of seeds. $5.$10 as much as $50 or more. I though this is crazy to pay big money for something that was considered garbage at one time. I decided to get back to cultivating beans.
My focus is Dragons, Kush, Auto Fems and heirloom strains from the 70's. I will never list a offering for more than $10 per seed while most are $5 or less. Free shipping with normal letter mail or signed and tracked for $20 extra. PayPal is my preferred payment method. Designate as a friend or family transaction. $20 minimum request.

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They're beautiful! So happy!!

Farrah about listing Feminised Ghost Ship 3 days ago.

Very easy to work with and look forward to more goodness with peeps like this.

Grassman Genetics about listing 2 Gorillas one Cup 3 days ago.

Good people seem down earth and chill

Chipgrows about listing Feminised Skywalker OG 6 days ago.