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enthusiast, and by that I mean I could sit around thinking and talking about bud all day. Staying humble and just trying to learn everyday. Looking to connect with people of the same mindset. Even after 10+ years I to this I am still finding something new and exciting all the time. The last year or two I have dived into learning about breeders and different genetics. It was actually overwhelming and I can’t imagine how it is for someone completely new to . That’s why everything I offer is something I would pop with no question.

Multipack deals available on almost everything I post. Just ask

Disclaimer: these seeds are for souvenir or preservation purposes only. You are reponsible for your state and local laws that pertain to this item. I am not responsible for any activities that may be considered illegal

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Wonderful quick transaction. Thanks for the genetics you have for sale! Freebies included.

Nick about listing Twin Turbo Diesel CSI:Humboldt 2 months ago.

Got my seeds quickly all went well

Tyson about listing Big Bad Wolf CSI Humboldt 10 months ago.

Everything was on point. Thank you

Jason about listing NYC Chem F2 10 months ago.