From the quality capital of California
We collect and select the best and latest strains
To bring to the rest of the community

Our clones come fully rooted, established, hardened and ready to thrive (technically teens)
None of the bare root, 1-2 node high plants that wilt under strong light here !

Any plants DOA or hanging on by a thread from the mailman’s abuse will be replaced ASAP

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For sneak peaks on menu items and other hash nonsense!

**** 10% off orders made in $Shiba and 5% off for Bitcoin

*** requested orders are held for 24 hours without payment
After that it goes back on the market

**ask me about my “tent stuffing” deals!!

Ninja Pro tips :

• if you ever waiting for a reply for over 12 hours
Shoot me another msg ! I’m

• I don’t control the autocancel function, if your order says “not this time” relax, I don’t deny orders . Just shoot me a msg or another order request

• shipping breakdown
1-2 clones……..$15.50
3 clones……….$21.50
4-6 clones…….$31

License #: HU14555
Payment and shipping: Venmo, PayPal (FRIENDS AND FAMILY), Cashapp, All crypto currency’s

9 open listings

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158 received reviews (97% positive, 154/158)

Went well and smoothly no complaints from me

David about listing Fruntz (GV cut) 1 day ago.

Very nice! Great communication very satisfied

Tim about listing Papaya (Harry palms cut) 5 days ago.

Everything went smooth! Shinobi has the best cuts on here by far, will definitely make another purchase in the future!

Bud Woods about listing Kush mints (Rabid Hippy cut) 5 days ago.