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Experienced South African Cannabist looking to add new genetics to his collection. I can accept trades or trade/sales, I offer hybrids of rare landrace & heirloom strains from Africa as well as hybrids created by crossing landraces from Thailand, Afghanistan & Africa. I have pure Malawi Gold, pure Swazi Gold, pure African haze, pure Transkei aka Rooibaard & hybrids featuring South Indian sativa, Northern lights, Afghan Hindu Valley Kush, Durban Poison & heirloom Thai sativa. Bonus seeds in every order, sharing is caring. No chancers, scammers or under 21s. Seeds for genetic preservation & bird feeding purposes only!

Recommended -
Burning Love#9: notes of pungent skunk, fermented tropical fruits with undertones of hash, gas, earth & moonshine mash. Big yielding, slightly sativa dominant, stinker with a fast finish, truebreeding, potent & easy to grow. Genetics - (Malawi + N.Lights circa '99 x Swazi gold + N.Lights circa '99) X (Malawi Gold + Swazi gold x Heirloom South Indian Sativa)

DeathBreath F2: The smell & taste are as the name suggests, seriously not for the faint of heart, nostril or constitution . Genetics (Durban Poison - my cut + N.Lights circa '99 x Burning Love#9 Thai) X (Heirloom Thai + Afghan x Burning Love#7 Swazi) A Sativa dominant well worked line that has produced pheno's like Decay, Garlic, Chicken curry, Onion, Putrifaction, Petroleum & Lamp oil fuels, sometimes intermingled & always overwhelming. Easily the most rank, loud, knee buckling, nose hair burning, eye watering stink I've smelled in cannabis, she has gone over the line into unpleasant & stomach turning territory with a high that's nearly as rough! Good internodal spacing & structure of the Thai lineage makes for above average yields of toxically dank buds on a medium - large tree that needs managing or will overgrow her area.

Jezahel: Real brown sugar, candy sweetness, candy floss, sugary gum with hints of coconut & tropical sun lotion. Genetics (Burning Love#1 Malawi x Afghani X N.Lights circa '99 + Heirloom South Indian Sativa) Well balance hybrid, the smell is ridiculous, addictive & really tests your willpower, she's fast & produces well, the taste & scent are amazing, like a tropical beach dream wrapped in sugar. A smooth balanced ride that relaxes physically & uplifts mentally. Probably the most balanced hybrid on offer with a soothing effect thats not sedating yet still relaxes.

Landrace: Malawi Gold - Transkei Red aka Rooibaard (Red beard) - African Haze - Personally hand collected, none of that strain hunters BS, these are 100% pure African Landrace strains, perfect for purists/conservationists or breeders looking for new genetic combinations. Regular seeds & pollen available, Fems coming soon.

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Smooth transaction!

Robert about listing Old School Skunk '96 1 month ago.

My man Nick is a stand up guy,very knowledgeable about his strains and super helpful. It was a pleasure doing business with Nick and will definitely be doing business again. Already recommend him to a friend. Shipping took around a month safe and secure and was well worth the wait. Thanks again Nick

Hazefiend420 about listing Transkei Red landrace (Rooibaard) 5 months ago.

Rare genetics & a generous man.

Delivery to France took 52 days (so be patient, South-Africa has the slowest postal service i have seen lol)

Seeds were good color & intact (not one crushed).

You can trust this man!

Sun Led about listing Zamal (K1, Mango Pepper...) 6 months ago.