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Experienced South African Cannabist looking to add new genetics to his collection. I can accept trades or trade/sales, I offer hybrids of rare landrace & heirloom strains from Africa as well as hybrids created by crossing landraces from Thailand, Afghanistan & Africa. I have pure Malawi Gold, pure Swazi Gold, pure African haze, pure Transkei aka Rooibaard & hybrids featuring South Indian sativa, Northern lights, Afghan Hindu Valley Kush, Durban Poison & heirloom Thai sativa. Bonus seeds in every order, sharing is caring. No chancers, scammers or under 21s. Seeds for genetic preservation & bird feeding purposes only!

Recommended -
Burning Love#9: notes of pungent skunk, fermented tropical fruits with undertones of hash, gas, earth & moonshine mash. Big yielding, slightly sativa dominant, stinker with a fast finish, truebreeding, potent & easy to grow. Genetics - (Malawi + N.Lights circa '99 x Swazi gold + N.Lights circa '99) X (Malawi Gold + Swazi gold x Heirloom South Indian Sativa)

DeathBreath F2: The smell & taste are as the name suggests, seriously not for the faint of heart, nostril or constitution . Genetics (Durban Poison - my cut + N.Lights circa '99 x Burning Love#9 Thai) X (Heirloom Thai + Afghan x Burning Love#7 Swazi) A Sativa dominant well worked line that has produced pheno's like Decay, Garlic, Chicken curry, Onion, Putrifaction, Petroleum & Lamp oil fuels, sometimes intermingled & always overwhelming. Easily the most rank, loud, knee buckling, nose hair burning, eye watering stink I've smelled in cannabis, she has gone over the line into unpleasant & stomach turning territory with a high that's nearly as rough! Good internodal spacing & structure of the Thai lineage makes for above average yields of toxically dank buds on a medium - large tree that needs managing or will overgrow her area.

Jezahel: Real brown sugar, candy sweetness, candy floss, sugary gum with hints of coconut & tropical sun lotion. Genetics (Burning Love#1 Malawi x Afghani X N.Lights circa '99 + Heirloom South Indian Sativa) Well balance hybrid, the smell is ridiculous, addictive & really tests your willpower, she's fast & produces well, the taste & scent are amazing, like a tropical beach dream wrapped in sugar. A smooth balanced ride that relaxes physically & uplifts mentally. Probably the most balanced hybrid on offer with a soothing effect thats not sedating yet still relaxes.

Landrace: Malawi Gold - Transkei Red aka Rooibaard (Red beard) - African Haze - Personally hand collected, none of that strain hunters BS, these are 100% pure African Landrace strains, perfect for purists/conservationists or breeders looking for new genetic combinations. Regular seeds & pollen available, Fems coming soon.

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Nick is very easy to deal with. He is honest and forthright and if he says he will do something he will do it. He's that kind of guy!

Charles about listing Malawi Gold Landrace 5 months ago.

Great guy, great strains at a great price what more can I say! I will 100% be back, thanks

Alan about listing Cherry Alien PebbleZ (CAPz) 5 months ago.

First off I have to say these seeds are super robust!

Beautiful tiger striping they look so dark “Mature”and fresh or well-kept!

He also threw in much appreciated extras!!!

I highly recommend!