Im an extremely avid enthusiast and I live in Michigan's upper peninsula, (yes I'm a yooper haha). At 25 years old I may still be just a youngin, but I've been growing now for 9+ years, learning from my father who has been involved in the industry since the 70's. Landraces have been my main focus, preserving their genetics and history is of much importance especially in today's day and age where hybrids are pretty much every option on the dispensary shelf I believe it to be necessary for others to learn how they've came to be before all the fancy names and hype. I'll have some hybrids to offer, I love all strains but I mostly will be offering pure genetics and crosses among them.

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5 stars all day. Very greatful to work with people who really share this love for the plant.

Not only was Chef a pleasure to get to know & work with, but also very kind and knowledgeable.

Thanks again for helping to make this happen and count on me always.

Marola about listing Old Italian Industrial Hemp Seeds 3 days ago.

Excellent strainly member! Great communication, fast delivery! 5/5 stars all day

Chef is a great guy, he gave me all I requested and more in a timely fashion. I am gonna love running these!!!! Since we are not to far from each other after the pandemic we are gonna do lunch, yet another great friend I have made on this awesome site! Like me he has been expanding his genetic profile on here and soon we will be asking thug pug prices so get em now while you can and someday you will be able to say I knew Chef back before he was famous!!! Thanks again J