Happy Growing

Happy Growing

If Your Grow is Lagging let me help you!

Pictures are through the Roof Right NOW!!
Request pictures and see what things are looking like and purchase right now! THERE IS STILL TIME TO PLANT MORE SEEDS!!!!

I have all new listings coming up!!

The Famous Okanagan "Ghost Berry"
If you know you know!

Gwtree Co. Black Tuna
Gwtree Co. Wedding Pie
Gwtree Co. Pavarti #3 - Pictures are unreal of this and I am so excited to release these.
Gwtree Co. Okanagan Fruit Salad 6.0
Gwtree Co. Slurricane
Gwtree Co. Lemon Blossom rare pack
Gwtree Co. Okanagan Ghost Berry
Gwtree Co. Pine Tar Adrenaline Dragon
Many more
Stay Tuned!


The messages I have been receiving have been so kind and warm-hearted. I am so excited to keep working on more stuff for people to enjoy! Okanagan weather has been very kind to me this year and my instagram is exploding with new possibilites.

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A+ very helpful and honest as far as I can tell so far, need to see how the genetics come out still. More than fair prices, fast shipping, and I'm not sure if I should say this or not, but a good amount of freebies! If the genealogy checks out I will 100% be back!

Brian about listing Sundae Frank & Beans 4 months ago.

Everything arrived promptly and was carefully packaged, I received everything I ordered and a little extra on the side which is always appreciated! I had a few questions and got answers back in a timely manner as well. I can't speak to the genetics as I haven't grown them yet but i will edit this when I do, if I can.. overall I'm very please purchasing from this feller so far!

Brian about listing Sundae Frank & Beans 4 months ago.

Quick and easy, thanks for keeping the old fire alive and gettin it out there!

AltruistSeeds about listing Gwtree Co. Chinese Heirloom 80 5 months ago.
Happy Growing