Please note (for adults 21+ only) - hemp farm bill seeds (0.3% or less) meet all of the federal legal guidelines and are legal in all of the U.S.
Hemp seed are intended for novelty, souvenir purposes, exotic bird food, fish food, arts & crafts, preservation, and collection purposes.

Please check with and abide by all of your state local and federal laws. Germination is illegal in many countries. Workedseeds will not be held responsible for any unlawful or illegal activities. All information is for educational purposes only.

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got my seeds today very excited to grow the warchild and green obsidian also had a lengthy conversation with the grower in which they gave me some great advice for a new grower definitely look forward to more seeds in the near future

Lowner Grows about listing Warchild 4 days ago.

Great product. Fast shipping! Will return for more!

Osiris369 about listing Ea 6 days ago.

this is one of the finest people on Strainly. Try him you will like it~

Sport model about listing Workedseeds Bluedream 6 days ago.