Workedseeds - Breeding, creating, and preserving some of the most award winning cannabis strains in seed form. Here at worked seeds it is our mission to breed and preserve true medicinal strain genetics. We firmly believe that every cannabis plant is unique and like a fingerprint, each seed has a genetic code made up of complex chemicals specific to each plant and seed. We select our breeding plants by looking for several different quality traits - For example: potency, heavy yields, hardiness, vigor, tight Internodes, medicinal value, terpenes, color expression, pest and disease resistance, as well as other traits. Workedseeds stands behind our genetics, as to ensure every customer has a pleasent experience. We strive to make our customer's know and feel that they are truly appreciated, and now part of the Workedseeds community family.

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Please note - hemp farm bill seed's are intended for novelty bird seed, fish food, souvenir, arts & crafts, preservation, and collection purposes.

Germination of cannabis is illegal in many countries. Please check with and abide by all local laws. Workedseeds will not be held responsible for any unlawful or illegal activities. All information is for educational purposes only.

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