Indoor Mix Regular Seeds Sensi Seeds

Looking for a fast and affordable introduction to the Sensi Seeds range? Meet the Indoor Mix Regular! Indica fans in particular will love this. Look forward to several top indica strains, skunks and Afghans. 25 seeds at a discount price what are you waiting for? Sensi Seeds is the oldest and largest cannabis seed bank in the world. Many of our long-standing customers have been ordering the same seeds for years. Some will consider Hindu Kush only, while others swear by Maple Leaf Indica. And theres absolutely nothing wrong in that. But for people still seeking their favourite strain, weve come up with the Indoor Mix Regular. After all, variety is the spice of life!Indoor Mix Regular growth patternThe Indoor Mix Regular comprises a pack of 25 regular seeds. It is a random mix of 20 strains from our indoor and greenhouse catalogue. In addition to skunks and Afghans, it also includes award-winning indica strains. Theres sometimes even a tropical sativa included in the surprise pack. So theres lots to look forward to!The majority of indica strains originate from Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Under the same conditions, they grow less tall than sativas, which is an advantage in small growing spaces in particular. The buds are thicker, heavier and ready for harvest sooner. Thanks to their highly robust nature, indicas are unlike most sativa strains also suitable for novices.The Indoor Mix Regular offers a good chance to raise high-quality mother plants, and breed clones from them. Effect, flavour and smell of Indoor Mix RegularIndicas trigger a body-centric body stone. They emphasise sensory impressions, and have a relaxing effect; in larger quantities, they can have a soporific effect.Sativas are at the other end of the spectrum of effect. The high is felt more in the mind. Many users feel they have more energy. Thoughts become clearer and sharper. Sativa strains are particularly popular among creative types. Cannabinoids and terpenes, which are found in different ratios and volumes in all Sensi Seeds strains, are responsible for the effect and flavour of cannabis. The most important of these are THC and CBD, only the first of which is psychoactive.Did you know?For people who prefer to grow seeds outdoors, we offer our Outdoor Mix Seeds. For people who prefer growing indoors, and dont want the hassle of separating out male shoots, our Feminized Mix Seeds is a great choice.

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Regular
Flowering: 70 - 80 days
Yield: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 20