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Everything about the MoreyClones brand screams quality. The plants that come from our farm are just as magnificent as the Guys & Girls working our customer service section. All of our clones & seeds are being hand selected by our top performing cultivators daily, This is to ensure your only growing the best possible when shopping with our company. Within each and every cycle comes new greatness to our line of genetics & within new greatness comes new opportunities, not only for our company but for cultivators everywhere. All of our strains are designed for high flavor and yield. Our genetic lines are highly unique and the amazing pheno types we love showing off wont be found anywhere else. Our mission is to help everyone who comes in contact with our brand to not only learn the skills but have the tools to capture these extremely strong terp profiles you only smell coming out of dispensaries, or those just amazing bud structures you only see in videos or pictures. We are not only on a path to create a brand that stands for its beautifully created plants, but one that truly stands for its hard working employees & truly loyal customers.

P.S We love sharing gear with others in the Community to help preserve and promote quality genetics.
If you have any questions regarding our gear or would like to make some trades, please feel free to reach out.

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Paid for my order over 2 weeks ago, told me he would have tracking next day, haven't heard from seller since. I have attempted to contact him several times, nothing. Noticed all his active listings have been removed and most recent feedback is same story as mine. Hope dude is alright

UnknownSender about listing Moreys crop circle diesel 1 years ago.

After paying for MoreyClones I have not heard from these guys despite my numerous attempts to follow up, they have not responded after receiving payment. I'm yet to hear from them or receive my purchase

Richard about listing Gelato 33 Fem 12pack 1 years ago.

Excellent service and quality strains

Bob about listing Moreys Lemon Punch 2 years ago.