Headwater Genetics

We are a simple husband and wife team who love's growing, and trying to keep good strains available at a reasonable price. We don't do much trading other then for certain autos, or other rare/hard to find strains.
We do offer custom pack sizes and bulk pricing on orders over 50 seeds. Any ?'s feel free to contact us anytime.
We can also be found on Facebook under the same name where we have more strains, and various auto/photo crosses available.

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This will be my 2nd order w/ Headwater Genetics & i couldn't be happier w/ the results. 100% germination rates, great lift , tasty terps & brilliant colors. Be sure to ask to see their full catalog for small batch availability.

SEAN about listing MI5 Autoflower 5 days ago.

Awesome transaction! Will be back!!

Black50 about listing Snowryder 2 months ago.

Everything went smoothly excellent customer service

Montel about listing Sour 60 3 months ago.