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Pig Tail Gardens

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday 10 AM PST - 10 PM PST

Saturdays: Noon to 10 PM PST

Sundays: On Call

Other forms of contact:

Instagram: PigTailGardens

linktree: linktr.ee/pigtailgardens

♪ ♫ To live and die in LA ♪ ♫

Our Current Menu of Flavors (Ready To Order):

  1. Durban Poison (Legendary Cut) - 150
  2. Strawberry Mango Haze (Legendary SoCal Cut) - 150
  3. Kush Mints (Rabid Hippie Cut) - 165
  4. ZkittleZ/Original Z (3rd Gen/Terp Hogz 2016 Cup Winning Cut) - 175
  5. Fresh Air (Purple Caper/DHN Cut) - 165
  6. Gelato Ice Cream (Seed Junky/DHN Cut) - 165
  7. Dosado Sherbet (Elev8/DHN Cut) - 165
  8. Apples & Bananas (Computer/Cltvtd) - 185
  9. HFCS (Fullmoon/Cltvtd) - 185
  10. 2090s Shit (Cookies/Powerzzzup Cut) - 500
  11. Sweet Tea ( Cookies Cut) - 500


When we got into growing one of our Uncle's who has been in the game since the 80s told us to always look out for those people spreading the love, because they'll give you the best service and results every time.

We hope the quality of our service speaks to the love we have for this magical plant, whose history is human history...


Pig Tail Gardens is a small batch breeder & cultivator located in Hollywood with ancestral roots that reach from Long Beach, to Virginia, Cambodia, and Thailand.

We believe in a methodical and soulful approach to our pollen chucking adventures, and spend a lot of time popping beans in large lots, extensively pheno hunting our seas of green, and thoroughly testing everything that we offer here from our seeds to our processes.

As such, we are working hard to bring our traditions to the contemporary frontier and hope that our selections, cuts, and crosses will bring a little bit of passion and soul from our gardens to all of yours.


We get clones direct from nurseries, grow events, and adoption days. We are picking up new CLTVTD clones every week in the month of April.

Our Growing List of Mamas ready to give us new Cuts, Clones, and Crosses:

• 2090s Shit (Cookies/Powerzzzup Cut)
• Apples & Bananas (Compound Cut)
• Champagne Breath #2 aka Party at Pollee's (Mountain Fire Genetics | The PTG Cut)
• Grape Gasoline (Cannarado/Compound Cut)
• Grape Pie (Cannarado Cut)
• Grape Stomper (Gage Green Cut)
• High Fructose Corn Syrup (Fullmoon/Cltvtd Cut)
• Kush Mints (Rabid Hippie Cut)
• Medellin (Lemonnade/Cookies Cut)
• Pavé (Compound/Cookies Cut)
• Sweet Tea ( Cookies Cut)
• Waiting Game #16 AKA Hit Boy OG (Capulator/Illa Canna Cut)
• White Runtz (Cltvtd Cut)
• ZkittleZ/Original Z (3rd Gen/Terp Hogz 2016 Cup Winning Cut)


We will replace any clones that are not viable upon arrival.

We usually charge a simple flat rate for our clones:

  • Well Rooted Clones - $150-195 USD
  • New/Rare Cultivars - $200-250 USD
  • Elite Gear - $300-666 USD
  • Secure Packaging & Flat Rate Shipping - $25 USD
  • Overnight Shipping - $75-100 USD
  • International Shipping - $100-375 USD*


International Shipping Costs are determined based on the final destination of the package.

For example, the minimum for even the closest international destination (Canada or Mexico) is at least $100 USD as we ship in 12 x 6 x 6 or 12 x 9 x 9 boxes. Packages going to farther destinations (Italy or Spain) can cost upwards of 300 dollars depending on how many clones you purchase. If you provide us your delivery address we can run it through our shipping logistics and get you the total cost for your international shipment.


We take dozens of cuts for any given Sea of Green run and generally sell our extra well rooted clones for a flat rate + shipping.

Selling clones isn't our focus, it's just a useful way of getting rid of extra clones in our space. We are a small community garden and most of the clones we sell are extras rooted for our garden or for one of our local friends' gardens.. we don't sell weak clones and we arent rooting large lots just to sell them. You can trust anything we do sell is something we would grow ourselves.

Our practices are methodical, our strains are verified, our mothers are well taken care of, we've grown each cut out multiples times (for years in some cases), and we spare no expense in the creation, care, upkeep, shipping, and handling required from a cloning operation and we hope you will find our price point to be quite accessible for the average garden.

And to be clear the largest expense, by far, comes from acquiring verified breeder cuts so we can provide the best for our community gardens and yours and to offset this expense some of our newest and priciest cuts fall into a slightly higher price point.

All our cuts are rooted in an aeroponic cloner with CloneX + HormeX and will come with a vigorous root system.

-----Pig Tail Garden Auto Regular Testers-----

A huge reason we got back into growing at all is for these autofloweing cultivars which our friends and family find easy to grow in their outdoor gardens. We really enjoy taking legendary or hype or ancient landrace strains and working them into full blown autofloweing varietals. A huge focus for us is quality and taste, we want hard hitting and flavorful buds available to grow in this "new" format.

We have created two Lines of Auto Regular Flowers we are testing right now and our stand out cultivar at the moment, Midnight Gospel F1, is turning out to be especially promising.

For $30 we will ship a pack of our testers to you. Our Testers come in Packs of 5+ Seeds.


All of our branded seeds are sold as 7 packs but always contain extras.

Additionally, all of the seeds we offer have been germination tested, pheno hunted for the right combination of traits in their mother and father, and worked to at least the second generation.

However, do look out for our Limited Tester Packs which sometimes contain our F1 or S1 crosses.


We will only honor replacements up to 24 hours after the package has been marked as delivered by the postal service, after which point we assume the package has been delivered successfully with nothing wrong unless you tell us otherwise.

We offer refunds only after a replacement has failed and nothing else can be successfully arranged.

License #: C10-0000050-LIC
Payment and shipping: PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp, Zelle

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Best service I have encountered here on strainly!!! Great selection, FAST/ friendly communication, Fair price, nice carefully made packaging that avoided movement during the trip ,but most importantly big and healthy clones... Many members of this forum should take d example how pigtailgardens works.... Take notes

Jacopo about listing Pinesoul (Bodhi's Cut | Free Shipping!) 8 hours ago.

Outstanding! These people have their [email protected]#! together. Honestly, a pleasure to deal with, super fast all the way around. Clone came super fast, and very healthy. Great packaging manufacturers as well. Cant say enough...thank you

Fast shipping, healthy clones all is great! Thank you!

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