Green Fish Genetics

Green Fish Genetics

I am a breeder and cultivator from Michigan. On instagram as Orcannica I have been heavily pheno hunting for 10 years and built a library of the following female selections.

FLO OG, Rare Dankness
Pucker OG, Cannarado,
Mother Pucker, Green Fish, (pucker og x Orange 43)
Burning Tree, Green Fish (sour bubble x East coast sour diesel)
Brick House, Swamp Boys
Raspberry Beret, Swamp Boys
Ebony & Ivory, Swamp Boys
Legend of Nigeria, Swamp Boys
Shoki, Swamp Boys
Dogwaze, Swamp Boys
Robots, Swamp Boys,

I have one male selection from this year that I used to pollinate all of my female selections. My first true male selection was from a cross of Rare Darkness x Grape Ox that I made in 2018. I call this particular selection "Kipp" after a dear friends late father. Kipp expresses deep purple hues in the male flowers along with some trichome production early on. Smells from the male were Skunky, Gas, with deep notes of grape lingering in the back.

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Fast shipping and freebie. Thank you

Kara about listing Irish Goodbye 15 days ago.

Clones arrived healthy and in good condition along with several much appreciated selections from the Green Fish seedline . GF was informative, easy going and a pleasure to do business throughout our transaction. Definitely recommended.

Jay about listing FLO OG (Rare Dankness) CLONES 21 days ago.

Good transaction. Helpful and prompt vendor.

Igor about listing FLO OG (Rare Dankness) CLONES 22 days ago.
Green Fish Genetics