Up The Hill Creations

Up The Hill Creations

Craft Style Seeds. Creator of Red Velvet Cookies, Pink Fire, Frosted Kush Cakes, Frosted Mints, Katsu Bubba Bx1, Bx2, Bx3, Warbird, Musashi, Cali Soca, Grape Velvet and more. I source real clone only cuts in my work, not s1. I work diligently to create stable genetics.

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A++ Excellent communication and prompt shipping. Trade went down flawlessly. Definitely recommended!

Skunk and Sour about listing BTY OG x Irene Alien 4 months ago.

Timely response! Thanks !

Logan about listing Musashi 3 years ago.

With the purchase of seeds, I always hold back on the review until I see the germination rate. I'm very impressed. The seeds arrived on a day with below freezing temps. I was sidetracked and the seeds sat in the mailbox for a couple hours. When I realized it my heart sank in fear of killing the seeds. Within 24 hrs over 80% have germinated. I'm looking forward to pheno hunting, and future Up the Hill Creations.

Up The Hill Creations