Mainely Cup Winning Clones

Mainely Cup Winning Clones

Supplier of high end genetics. Maine inquiries only. Absolutely no shipping.

If you're from Maine, or traveling to Maine, and are 21+ years old with a legal state ID...

For everyone else we’re beginning our breeding program. Seeds will be available early 2021. This will be limited supply, small batch, craft exotic breeding.

The menu:

Relentless Genetics (Breeder cut) Rozay Cake: $500.00

Relentless Genetics (Breeder cut) Trop Cherry $500.00

Relentless Genetics (Breeder cut) Black Cherry Garlic $900.00...Coming Soon

Cookie Fam (Breeder pheno) Runtz $500.00

Lumpys Apple Fritter (Breeder Pheno) $700.00

Capulators MAC Stomper $350.00

Capulators MAC and Cheese $350.00

Symbiotic Genetics Purple Punch 2.0 X Cookies and Cream $200.00

Caps Cut of MAC1 $200.00

Exotic Genetix Grease Monkey $200.00

Tiki Madman’s (Breeder cut) Tiki Rain $150.00...Coming Soon

Seed Junky’s (Cali Collective cut) Octane Mint Sorbet $350.00...coming soon

Seed Junky’s (Cali Collective cut) LA Pop Rockz $350.00...coming soon

Upcoming pheno selections: Jungle Boys Caps Kush and Zkittlez Kush, Thug Pugs Wedding Poop, Archives Bazooka JoeG, and Tiki-Madman’s Space Runtz 2.0

Not too long ago I had approx 40 mothers in house. The 11 remaining are the best of those 40. 75% of the 40 were breeder or cup winning cuts. This is the caliber of genetics you'll be getting.

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Just want to say yet again what a class act Mainely Cup Winning Clones is to deal with! Top notch packaging & communication... many thanks again for shipping to Medical & Rec States...purchase with 100% confidence from this vendor, knowing you’re getting what you paid for

Mainely is the perfect customer and I look forward to working with him again.

No Fuss, no muss, and he is a man of his word!

One of the best on Strainly for legitimate top tier cuts. Super easy and smooth

Mainely Cup Winning Clones