Mainely Cup Winning Clones

Mainely Cup Winning Clones

Hey Strainly Fam, my hiatus is over. Absolutely no shipping(except for seeds), but I will do clone business in State. If you're a Maine Resident, and are looking for quality cuts. Reach out to see what's available. Look for our sister company offering medical flower "Mainely Fire Genetics". They're attempting success without the use of social media. If you see their product give it a try. You won't be disappointed. It's "Fire". I see lots of new companies on here. I wish to all of you much success. All the old school Strainly originals, happy to see you're all still grinding. Hopefully everyone's doing great! Have a nice day, and enjoy the journey...

Payment and shipping: PayPal, Venmo, in person cash sales...

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Just want to say yet again what a class act Mainely Cup Winning Clones is to deal with! Top notch packaging & communication... many thanks again for shipping to Medical & Rec States...purchase with 100% confidence from this vendor, knowing you’re getting what you paid for

John about listing Rozay Cake (Relentless Genetics Breeder cut) 11 months ago.

Mainely is the perfect customer and I look forward to working with him again.

No Fuss, no muss, and he is a man of his word!

One of the best on Strainly for legitimate top tier cuts. Super easy and smooth

Mainely Cup Winning Clones