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(1) As of 03/14/22 my ability to sell clones on Strainly has been foreclosed. I cannot afford a grower's license at this time, so my clone listings have been closed by Strainly.
(2) Last fall I cultivated thousands of seeds, with 4 incredible males pollinating particular branches on the strongest females. I've been harvesting, sorting, and building a substantial inventory of seeds, with many different crosses to choose from. I'll be updating my seed inventory on this menu in the coming weeks, but feel free to reach out now to see if I have the crosses you're looking for!


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Strain Price / Seed
Blue Cookies (F2) ~ LOW STOCK $5.50
Blue Cookies x Red God $5.00
Blue Cookies x (Trainwreck x '88 G-13 HashPlant [F2]) $5.50
Durban Poison x Afghan Kush $4.50
Durban Poison x Blue Cookies $5.00
Durban Poison x Red God $4.00
Purple Kush (S1) ~ $2.50
Red God (F2) $5.50
Red God x Blue Cookies $4.50
Red God x (Trainwreck x '88 G-13 HashPlant [F2]) $5.50
Sour OG Cheese x Blue Cookies $4.50
Sour OG Cheese x Red God $4.00
Sour OG Cheese x (Trainwreck x '88 G-13 HashPlant [F2]) $5.50
Super Silver Haze x Blue Cookies $5.00
Super Silver Haze x Lemon Skunk ~ LOW STOCK $6.00
Super Silver Haze x (Trainwreck x '88 G-13 HashPlant [F2]) $5.50
(Trainwreck x '88 G-13 HashPlant [F2]) x Purple Kush ~ OUT OF STOCK $7.00
Trainwreck x '88 G-13 HashPlant (F3) $6.00
Blue Cookies x Unknown ~ LOW STOCK $1.50*
Durban Poison x Unknown $1.00*
Sour OG Cheese x Unknown $1.50*
Unknown (Lighter Color) ~ MAY OR MAY NOT GERMINATE $0.10*


* $20 min order for free shipping





Strain Price / 0.3 mL
Afghan Kush (Out of Stock) ~ Ind. $40
Blue Cookies ~ Ind.-dominant $45
Purple Kush (Out of Stock) ~ Ind.-dominant $50
Red God ~ Hybrid $45
Trainwreck x '88 G-13 HashPlant (F2) ~ Hybrid $40





Strain Price / Clone
Afghan Kush ~ Ind. $40
Blue Cookies ~ Ind.-dominant $50
Durban Poison ~ Sat. $35
Lemon Skunk ~Sat.-dominant $40
Red God ~ Hybrid $45
Skunk #1 ~ Hybrid $35
Sour OG Cheese ~ slightly Ind.-dominant $50
Super Silver Haze ~Sat.-dominant $45
Trainwreck x '88 G-13 HashPlant (F2) ~ Hybrid $40









Strainly members with 0 positive ratings must pay in advance, but all others may wait until delivery. I accept the following payment methods, in order of preference:

(a) cryptocurrencyany coin*—10% OFF!
(b) StealthPay—no signup or special knowledge required**, 100% anonymous—5% OFF!
(c) Cash App: $IGCshipping
(d) cash (in-person, via snail mail*)


* I'll provide the associated payment address if you choose this option.
** Easy StealthPay Instructions:
1. provide any email address where you can be reached (single-use accounts are fine) --> you'll receive a payment request
2. click the email link provided --> review your total in the "Order" box
3. scroll down to the "Payment Method" box to choose from:
(a) Bank Transfer (Domestic/International)
(b) PerfectMoney
(c) Epay
(d) EXMO Code
(f) Advcash
(g) Bitcoin, Ethereum, or >60 other cryptocurrencies
4. Follow the on-screen instructions to submit the payment. Done!


VENMO, PAYPAL, & MONEY ORDERS ARE NOT ACCEPTED! Sorry for the inconvenience.




About Me:

  • Long-time Michigan Medical consumer/admirer.
  • Trained scientist with GROWING interest in plant biology/genetics.
  • I love to BRANCH OUT; always learning new things and meeting new people!
  • I'm an attentive seller and generous person, but you'll get the vibes you give (please treat me with kindness/respect, and you'll get the same in return).


Feel free to send me a message if you

  • have questions or comments about a listing or IGC in general
  • have ideas/suggestions for new mother plants, crosses, or other products
  • want to propose a trade, meet in person, inquire about shipping overseas, or propose any other unconventional transaction
  • wish to collaborate, exchange promotions/advice/assistance, give/acquire samples, etc.


Contact: (541) 626-5999

. `' * + * " `. '.
. .Intergalactic .* `
X * ` * . *:. . ,*

Pago y envio: Cryptocurrency, StealthPay, Cash App, Cash - First Class Mail (free), Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express

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Amazing guy to deal with. Customer service top notch. Never had a transaction on strainly completed so quickly. Contacted him about purchasing the seeds and 3-4 days later the pack was in my mailbox. I will definitely be purchasing from him again.

Alias Doe sobre el anuncio Durban Poison x Red God hace 3 meses.

Smooth transaction. Thanks!

The Elite Clones of Oklahoma sobre el anuncio Durban Poison x Red God hace 3 meses.

Beautiful cut and healthy roots!! A+++ seller

CloneDome sobre el anuncio Lemon Skunk Clones hace 8 meses.