CRITICAL MESSAGE FOR ALL STRAINLY MEMBERS: INTERGALACTIC IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED! Like most Michigan farmers/gardeners, I am scrambling to protect my outdoor plants—Durban Poison, Skunk #1, Sour OG Cheese, Blue Cookies, Super Silver Haze, Lemon Skunk (male), Blue Cookies (Male)—from the sudden sub-freezing temperatures. I also just moved away from my garden, I’m still unpacking/moving furniture, and I still have to work at my other job. Obviously, I’ll be gone for awhile; at least until I’ve saved the mother plants. Thank you for your patience! I promise, I will eventually get to you.


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Strain Price / Clone
Afghan Kush ~ Ind. $40
Blue Cookies ~ Ind.-dominant $50
Durban Poison ~ Sat. $35
Lemon Skunk ~Sat.-dominant $40
Red God (Out of Stock) ~ Hybrid $45
Skunk #1 ~ Hybrid $35
Sour OG Cheese ~ slightly Ind.-dominant $50
Super Silver Haze ~Sat.-dominant $45
Trainwreck x '88 G-13 HashPlant (F2) ~ Hybrid $40





Strain Price / Seed
Blue Cookies (F1) ~ (harvested 09/27/21) ~ LOW STOCK $5.50
Durban Poison x Afghan Kush ~ (harvested 09/18/21) $4.50
Durban Poison x Blue Cookies ~ (harvested 08/16/21) $5.00
Durban Poison x Red God $3.50
Purple Kush (S1) ~ (harvested 09/26/21) $4.00
Sour OG Cheese x Red God $4.00
Super Silver Haze x Blue Cookies ~ (harvested 09/18/21) $5.00
Blue Cookies x Unknown ~ (harvested 09/27/21) ~ LOW STOCK $1.50*
Durban Poison x Unknown $1.00*


* $20 min order for free shipping





Strain Price / 0.3 mL
Afghan Kush (Out of Stock) ~ Ind. $40
Blue Cookies ~ Ind.-dominant $45
Purple Kush (Out of Stock) ~ Ind.-dominant $50
Red God ~ Hybrid $45
Trainwreck x '88 G-13 HashPlant (F2) ~ Hybrid $40









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(a) cryptocurrencyany coin*—10% OFF!
(b) StealthPay—no signup or special knowledge required**, 100% anonymous—5% OFF!
(c) Cash App: $IGCshipping
(d) cash (in-person, via snail mail*)


* I'll provide the associated payment address if you choose this option.
** Easy StealthPay Instructions:
1. provide any email address where you can be reached (single-use accounts are fine) --> you'll receive a payment request
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(f) Advcash
(g) Bitcoin, Ethereum, or >60 other cryptocurrencies
4. Follow the on-screen instructions to submit the payment. Done!


VENMO, PAYPAL, & MONEY ORDERS ARE NOT ACCEPTED! Sorry for the inconvenience.




About Me:

  • Long-time Michigan Medical consumer/admirer.
  • Trained scientist with GROWING interest in plant biology/genetics.
  • I love to BRANCH OUT; always learning new things and meeting new people!
  • I'm an attentive seller and generous person, but you'll get the vibes you give (please treat me with kindness/respect, and you'll get the same in return).


Feel free to send me a message if you

  • have questions or comments about a listing or IGC in general
  • have ideas/suggestions for new mother plants, crosses, or other products
  • want to propose a trade, meet in person, inquire about shipping overseas, or propose any other unconventional transaction
  • wish to collaborate, exchange promotions/advice/assistance, give/acquire samples, etc.


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Beautiful cut and healthy roots!! A+++ seller

CloneDome à propos de l'annonce Lemon Skunk Clones il y a 1 mois.

Great service.. everything came as expected.. looking forward to this one.

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Everything went smoothly. Thanks Drew

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