About Me:

  • Long-time Michigan Medical consumer/admirer.
  • Trained scientist with GROWING interest in plant biology/genetics.
  • I love to BRANCH OUT; always learning new things and meeting new people!
  • I'm an attentive seller and generous person, but you'll get the vibes you give (please treat me with kindness/respect, and you'll get the same in return).





Strain Price / Clone
Afghan Kush $40
Blue Cookies $50
Durban Poison $35
Lemon Skunk $40
Red God $45
Skunk #1 $35
Sour OG Cheese $50
Super Silver Haze $45



Strain Price / Seed
Durban Poison x Red God $4
Sour OG Cheese x Red God $4



Strain Price / 0.2 mL
Afghan Kush TBD
Blue Cookies TBD
Purple Kush TBD
Red God TBD




Feel free to send me a message if you

  • have questions or comments about a listing or IGC in general
  • have ideas/suggestions for new mother plants, crosses, or other products
  • want to propose a trade, meet in person, inquire about shipping overseas, or propose any other unconventional transaction
  • wish to collaborate, exchange promotions/advice/assistance, give/acquire samples, etc.


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Clone babies arrived quickly and in excellent condition!

JamiA about listing Durban Poison Clones 8 days ago.

So far so good, great communication, responds in a timely manner reasonable pricing.! Look forward to doing more business with him.! Will update once product arrives.!

YaLoyalHIGHNESS about listing Skunk #1 Clones 13 days ago.